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Victorian Gate began construction in 1994 through a partnership between Hallmark Communities and United Commercial Travelers as apartments and was converted into a condominium community in 2005. The community was possibly the first and most important revitalization of Columbus’ Short North Arts District; this project brought urban apartments to a blighted 3.5-acre block just north of downtown.


Our community spans from Goodale Park (Columbus’ first park) to High Street (home to many of Short North's hottest cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, and art galleries). The community includes a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes, a central garden, a community fitness center, private parking, and retail space on High Street. This is a primarily owner-occupied community with less than 1/3 of rental units, which are managed by individual unit owners. The VG Condos have been centered in the heart of the Short North for decades, and its residents are active members of the local community, including the Short North Alliance and Friends of Goodale Park.

Buying, Selling and Renting

If you are a unit owner and would like to be on the rental waitlist (this is not for individuals looking to rent), please email Collective House Realty to view the most recent rental policy and to be added to the waitlist. If you are a tenant looking to rent, you’ll need to reach out to individual unit owners.

Victorian Gate is an FHA and VA-approved community. 

Condo Questionnaires can be obtained at:


Parking is limited to residents only who have a Victorian Gate issued parking pass displayed on the dashboard of their car. Residents cannot park at Chase Bank during business hours. Parking permits for VG permit spaces on Park Street are available from the City of Columbus. 

The City of Columbus controls the slanted parking spaces on Park Street. Victorian Gate residents can apply for city issued digital “VG Permits”. The benefits of getting a city issued VG Permit is overnight parking in the slanted parking spaces on Park St for registered vehicles. A digital permit may also be available for guest parking, overnight. The VG Permit can be applied for and managed through the “City of Columbus Permit Parking Portal”. During the day, the slanted spaces on Park Street are treated like every other Columbus street parking, and can be paid for through the “Park CBUS” app.

  • The slanted spots on park street require a permit that only applies to parking from 6pm-10am; you’re eligible for one owner permit and one guest permit. You’ll have to pay the meter outside of those hours or you will get ticketed.

  • Sundays and national holidays are free.


If unsure regarding a parking situation, refer to signage outside, the handbook or contact the property manager.

Parking Map


Victorian Gate is located in the Short North of Columbus, Ohio. 

Board Members

Christopher Fahey - President

Dylan O'Bannion - Secretary

Debra Zynger - Treasurer

Benjamin Niswander - Board Member

VACANT - Board Member


HVAC/Heat Pump Replacements

Repairing or replacing a unit's heat pump on the roof is an expensive and at times a complex process. Below is a list of tips to help assist with the process. For a successful project, its best to plan ahead and discuss the following with your contractor (most residents recommend Gahanna Heating and Cooling as they are very familiar with our property):

  • The inner courtyards are locked and sometimes access between the buildings is needed. If inner courtyard access is needed, please plan ahead so access can be provided. Please submit a maintenance request through the Online Portal.

  • If a heat pump on the roof is replaced, ensure the old heat pump and extra/old old parts are removed. Nothing residual should be left on the roof or in the attic spaces. Removal of the old unit should be included in the scope of work. Ultimately, ensuring that the old materials were removed is a Unit Owners responsibility.

  • Label your unit (sharpie, engrave) and document your model and serial number. This is very helpful to the technicians so they don’t have to guess which heat pump is yours in the future. By having your heat pump well labeled, it will save you money in the future as the technician will be able to quickly identify the correct unit.

  • Access to the roofs can be found on the third floor of any of the buildings. Please remind your contractor to close the hatch to the roof when they are done. Leaving the hatch open or unlocked will result in water entering the attic when it rains, and this will cause water damage to the structure. Ultimately, the Unit Owner is responsible for their contractor(s), so ensure that you ask them to double-check that the roof hatch is closed.

  • There are lights that can be turned on in the attic to access the roof. Remind your contractor to turn the lights off before closing the hatch to the attic.

  • If any new electrical or other lines need to be run, they should not be retrofitted along the outside of the
    building. There are line ports on the roof to get the new lines into the building and these should be used.
    This may require working with the unit owner of the attic and fishing lines through the walls to reach their
    destination. This will be up to the Unit Owners to work out amongst themselves. If wiring is found running
    down the building, you will be asked to have the contractor come back out to run the wires correctly.

If you have any questions, please email Management at

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